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Sanford Vermillion Medical Center

  • Project Title: Virtual Infusion Project
  • Grant Period: 5/01/2015 – 4/30/2017
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Susan Halbritter, Co-Project Director and Rachel Olson, Co-Project Director
  • Location: Sioux Falls, SD and Vermillion, SD
  • Program Overview: The Virtual Infusion Project increases access to infusion and oncology care in rural South Dakota. Nurses in critical access hospitals receive training on evidence-based infusion safety standards to increase their capacity to administer chemotherapy and address the side effects of treatment. If infusion nurses need additional support to manage patients, they can connect with an advanced practice oncology nurse at Sanford Infusion Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota via telephone or live video conference. Sanford also offers biweekly oncology education sessions through telehealth that allow infusion nurses to continue to build expertise. The Virtual Infusion Project has allowed rural oncology patients to receive safe, high-quality care in their communities.

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