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Rural Health Information Hub

Grant Funding for Telehealth Programs

Many rural programs rely on grant funding from federal agencies, state agencies, associations, and philanthropic organizations in order to sustain telehealth programs.

Federal Agencies

Many rural programs rely on federal grant programs to implement and sustain telehealth programs. The Federal Telehealth Compendium describes grant funding for telehealth programs, technology, training, and more. The compendium identifies telehealth programs specific to rural communities.

State Agencies and Associations

State agencies and associations may also offer telehealth grant funding programs. The Telehealth Resource Centers provide additional information about state-specific resources for telehealth funding. For example, rural communities in California could apply to grants from the California Wellness Foundation, the Blue Shield of California Foundation, and the California Health Care Foundation to fund telehealth programs.

Foundations and Nonprofit Organizations

Many foundations and nonprofit organizations provide funding or other resources to implement, expand, or sustain rural telehealth programs. Foundations may be interested in increasing access to care in underserved area, improving health outcomes among specific populations, or supporting innovative healthcare delivery models. Foundations and nonprofits funding rural telehealth programs or research include:

See Rural Health Funding & Opportunities by Topic: Telehealth in the Online Library for additional funding options.