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Rural Health Information Hub

Community Health Center, Inc. (CHCI)/Weitzman Institute

  • Project Title: School-based Consultations for Rural Pediatric Telehealth (SCRiPT) Network
  • Grant Period: 9/01/2016 – 8/31/2020
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Daren Anderson, Chief Quality Officer
  • Location: Middletown, CT
  • Program Overview: The SCRiPT Network increases access to specialty care at rural school-based health centers (SBHCs) across six states through two forms of telehealth, electronic consultations (eConsults) and video telementoring. Participating SBHCs are located in rural New Mexico, Hawaii, Arkansas, Oregon, West Virginia, and Connecticut. SBHC staff submit eConsult requests to CHCI's eConsult service, the Community eConsult Network (CeCN), which maintains a network of specialists from around the country to respond to consult questions. Specialists review cases and provide recommendations for treatment and referrals within 48 hours. SBHC staff also receive telementoring through weekly Project ECHO sessions provided by CHCI. Project ECHO allows SBHC staff to discuss cases, receive training, and build their capacity to provide care. The SCRiPT Network worked closely with rural SBHCs to ensure that eConsults and telementoring were incorporated into their workflows and the existing healthcare infrastructure. For example, SBHC staff can submit eConsults in a variety of ways, including direct messaging, fax or secure email. Providers can also connect to ECHO sessions through a smartphone, tablet, computer, or videoconferencing system.

Models represented by this program: