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Rural Health Information Hub


  • Project Title: ITNCountry
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Katherine Freund, President and Executive Director
  • Location: Westbrook, ME
  • Program Overview: ITNCountry is a dynamic model to address the transportation needs of rural communities, particularly the needs of older adults and visually impaired persons. ITNCountry can be started in any community in America and can also be run independently or as a program within an existing community organization. Depending on the preferences and needs of the community, the service can be provided 24/7 or any other time parameter. It can also be customized to run on only volunteer drivers, paid drivers, or a combination of both.

    Rides can be paid for through cash exchanges or many other unique methods developed by ITNAmerica. These are centered on accruing “ride credits” that enable the user to exchange credits for a ride. “Ride credits” can be earned by volunteer drivers for their own use or distribution to others. Older adults who can no longer drive can trade in a motor vehicle for ride credits.

    Individuals interested in introducing ITNCountry in their community take online user-friendly courses to learn how to run the ITNCountry service, to access materials and marketing programs, and to connect to all ITNCountry services in other communities through the program's ride coordination software.

Models represented by this program: