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Rural Health Information Hub

Dissemination Audiences

Media and public communications are essential to educating the public and other stakeholders about the services of transportation programs. Additionally, communicating lessons learned with other jurisdictions looking to implement their own systems can be a crucial way to share successes and challenges about the program development and implementation process. Funders and state and federal agencies are also interested in learning about transportation services in rural communities.

Important considerations for disseminating transportation best practices include the target audience for transportation services, their needs, and successful strategies to meet those needs.

Key federal department and agency audiences include:

Other key audiences include:

National transportation and planning organizations

National health-related organizations

Other national non-governmental organizations

State governmental departments and agencies

Local governmental departments, agencies and individuals

  • Local policymakers, including legislatures or city council members
  • Local planning departments
  • Local health departments

Additional local audiences

  • Foundations (for example, the NADO Research Foundation)
  • Community-based organizations
  • Business owners/employers
  • Local universities/community colleges
  • Healthcare providers
  • Potential transit users
  • Local advocacy organizations related to pedestrian safety, older adults, and people with disabilities

Resources to Learn More

Marketing Transit Toolkit
Provides a comprehensive guide to marketing rural transit programs. Includes how-to-guides on marketing use for transit systems, marketing plan development, and marketing strategies. Templates for marketing materials, along with a photo and graphics library are also provided.
Organization(s): National Rural Transit Assistance Program

Smart Branding Attracts the Masses to Mass Transit
Describes best practices and strategies for attracting riders to mass transit systems. Includes guidance about disseminating and marketing of transportation services that is applicable to all types of community transportation services.
Author(s): Stephens, J.
Organization(s): North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority
Date: 2014