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Evaluation Questions

A key component of designing an evaluation is determining what questions should be asked throughout the evaluation process. Examples of evaluation questions for transportation programs are provided below. For additional information about process and outcome evaluations, please see Evaluation Design in the Rural Community Health Toolkit.

Questions for a Process Evaluation

  • What transportation services are offered and who receives them?
  • What were the barriers and challenges that affected implementation of transportation activities? Who facilitated the implementation?
  • How did community members or clients perceive the program?
  • How did staff members perceive the program?
  • What are some key lessons learned for future implementation?

Questions for an Outcome Evaluation

  • Did community members or clients report any changes in their use of transportation? Were there changes in their knowledge of what transportation services are available?
  • What programmatic or policy changes have occurred in state or local jurisdictions as a result of the transportation program?
  • Has the program helped to improve access to healthcare, food, physical activity, or other services in the target population?

Resources to Learn More

Methods for Forecasting Demand and Quantifying Need for Rural Passenger Transportation: Final Workbook
Describes methods to estimate the need and demand for public transit services in rural communities. This document focuses on services not related to social service programs.
Organization(s): Transportation Research Board
Date: 2013