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National Rural Health Resource Center (NRHRC)

Provides technical assistance and information resources addressing community and population health, health information technology, leadership, workforce, strategic planning and performance improvement. Rural Health Innovations (RHI), a subsidiary of the National Rural Health Resource Center, provides programs, activities, and resources that benefit the emerging market of healthcare in rural communities.
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Conducting Research, Needs Assessment, and Evaluation · Health Information Technology in Rural Healthcare · Healthcare Quality · Healthcare Workforce · Minnesota

Upcoming Events (2)

  • 2018 Annual Minnesota Rural Health Conference, Jun 25 - 26, 2018, view details
  • 2018 Flex Program Reverse Site Visit, Jul 17 - 18, 2018, view details

Funding & Opportunities (1)

  • Small Rural Hospital Transition (SRHT) Project Technical Assistance, view details

Resources (89)

  • 2016 Financial Leadership Summit Report: Strategies for Rural Hospitals Transitioning to Value-based Purchasing and Population Health, 07/2016, view details
  • 2016 Rural Provider Leadership Summit Report: Strategies for Rural Provider Engagement in Transitioning to Value-based Purchasing and Population Health, 08/2016, view details
  • 2017 Rural Health Network Summit: The Role of Networks in the Changing Health Care Landscape, 09/2017, view details
  • Are You Ready to Begin a Capital Project? A Guide, Toolkit and Resources for Critical Access Hospitals and Rural Health Centers, 11/2015, view details
  • Atmore Community Hospital: Consistent Implementation Leads to Results, 04/2018, view details
  • Business Planning Case Study: Shared IT Workforce Cooperative, 2013, view details
  • Care Coordination Comparative Matrix, 08/2014, view details
  • Chicot Memorial Medical Center Utilizes SRHT Project to Prepare for the Future, 04/2016, view details
  • Coteau des Prairies Keeping Services Close to Home, 08/2017, view details
  • Critical Access Hospital 2012 Financial Leadership Summit Summary, 06/2012, view details
  • Critical Access Hospital Blueprint for Performance Excellence, 06/2013, view details
  • Critical Access Hospital Finance 101, 06/2017, view details
  • Cybersecurity Toolkit for Rural Hospitals and Clinics, 01/2018, view details
  • Delta Memorial Hospital: SRHT Project Well Under Way, 11/2017, view details
  • Framing Rural Health Value Webinar Series: Summary Report, 08/2014, view details
  • FY 2018 – 21: Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Project (MBQIP) Measures, 07/2017, view details
  • The Grant Project Life Cycle: A Grant Subcontract Management Guide, 07/2016, view details
  • Guadalupe County Hospital Improves Patient Discharge Experience, 03/2016, view details
  • Health Information Exchange (HIE) Toolkit, view details
  • Health Information Technology (HIT) Guide for the Delta Rural Hospital Performance Improvement (RHPI) Program, 08/2011, view details
  • Health Information Technology (HIT) Network Readiness Assessment, 08/2017, view details
  • Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) Guide: Using HCAHPS to Drive Patient and Employee Satisfaction, 03/2013, view details
  • Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Overview: Vendor Directory, 02/2018, view details
  • Hospital Spotlights, view details
  • ICD-10 Toolkit, view details
  • Laying the Groundwork for a Capital Campaign, 12/2015, view details
  • Madison County Memorial Hospital: Making the Most of FOA, 03/2017, view details
  • Magnolia Regional Medical Center Excels as a Hospital in Transition, 07/2017, view details
  • Maneuvering Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Program (MBQIP) Measures: 101, 09/2015, view details
  • Marcum & Wallace Memorial Hospital Successfully Impacts Project Outcomes, 08/2016, view details
  • Medical Center Barbour Reduces Readmission Rates, 06/2017, view details
  • Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Project (MBQIP), view details
  • Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Project (MBQIP) Measures, 03/2016, view details
  • Monroe County Hospital Achieving Outcomes, 04/2017, view details
  • National Rural HIT Coalition Meeting, 02/2015, view details
  • Network Aim for Sustainability Portal, view details
  • Network Board Development Guide, 09/2016, view details
  • Network Spotlight, view details
  • Network Spotlight: Affiliated Service Providers of Indiana (ASPIN), 03/2017, view details
  • Network Spotlight: Appalachian Kentucky Health Care Access Network, 02/2017, view details
  • Network Spotlight: Arizona Rural Women's Health Network, 10/2017, view details
  • Network Spotlight: Community Care Alliance, 12/2016, view details
  • Network Spotlight: Foothills Health Network, 01/2017, view details
  • Network Spotlight: Illinois Telehealth Network, 11/2017, view details
  • Network Spotlight: Indiana Rural Workforce Innovation Network, 09/2017, view details
  • Network Spotlight: Montana Health Network, 03/2018, view details
  • Network Spotlight: Mountain Health Alliance, 06/2016, view details
  • Network Spotlight: North Coast Clinics Network, 10/2016, view details
  • Network Spotlight: North Country Health Consortium, 08/2016, view details
  • Network Spotlight: North Dakota Critical Access Hospital Quality Network, 08/2017, view details
  • Network Spotlight: Northeast Oregon Network (NEON), 05/2017, view details
  • Network Spotlight: Northwest Rural Health Network, 04/2017, view details
  • Network Spotlight: Palmetto Care Connections, 11/2016, view details
  • Network Spotlight: Rural Health Network of Oklahoma, 06/2017, view details
  • Network Spotlight: Safetyweb Network, 09/2016, view details
  • Network Spotlight: Santa Cruz County Adolescent Wellness Network, 07/2016, view details
  • Network Spotlight: Southeast Texas Health System, 07/2017, view details
  • Network Spotlight: Wright Health Partners, 12/2017, view details
  • North Sunflower Medical Center Successfully Addressing Chronic Care Management, 09/2016, view details
  • On Center, view details
  • Operational Considerations for Facility Planning and Capital Project Management, 11/2015, view details
  • An Overview of Lean: A Guide for the Small Rural Hospital Improvement Grant Program, 04/2013, view details
  • Palliative Care Rural Initiative Dissemination Model and Implementation Guide, 11/2012, view details
  • Pender Community Hospital Surpassing Project Goals, 05/2016, view details
  • Population Health Portal, view details
  • Primer for Rural Health Network Memorandum of Agreement/Understanding, 2014, view details
  • Recruitment and Retention Planning for Rural Health Networks and Members, 04/2017, view details
  • RHITND Sourcebook, 07/2014, view details
  • The Role of Networks in the Transition toward Value-Based Payment and Population Health Models, 09/2016, view details
  • Rural Health IT Workforce Program Sourcebook, 09/2016, view details
  • Rural Hospital Network Summit Meeting 2009, 12/2009, view details
  • Rural Hospital Performance Improvement (RHPI) Project: Best Practice Concepts in Revenue Cycle Management, 08/2014, view details
  • Rural Hospital Quality Leadership Summit: Building and Sustaining Quality Leadership in Rural Hospitals, 2011, view details
  • Rural Hospital Toolkit for Transitioning to Value-based Systems, view details
  • Russell County Hospital Aligning for Future Success, 02/2017, view details
  • Sample Network Balanced Scorecard Materials, 08/2017, view details
  • SHIP Hospital Resources, view details
  • Sliding Fee Scale Discount Guide for CAHs and RHCs, 09/2017, view details
  • Small Rural Hospital Transition (SRHT) Project Guide: A Guide for Rural Hospitals to Identify Populations and Shift to Population Health, 09/2015, view details
  • Small Rural Hospital Transition (SRHT) Project Guide: A Rural Hospital Guide to Improving Care Management, 10/2015, view details
  • Socorro General Hospital Serving as Role Model for FOA, 05/2017, view details
  • Spotlight on Cibola General Hospital, 02/2016, view details
  • Strategic Capital Planning and Capital Budgeting, 11/2015, view details
  • Summary of Health Information Technology Incentives and Resources, 02/2011, view details
  • Two Days In December: A Report from the Rural Hospital Quality Leadership Summit, 2011, view details
  • Union General Hospital: Showing What's Possible In Population Health, 10/2016, view details
  • Using Logic Models for Flex Program Planning, Management, Evaluation, and Reporting, view details
  • Value-Based Strategic Planning Guide 2017: Rural Hospital Value-Based Strategy Summit, 08/2017, view details
  • White Mountain Regional Medical Center Plans for Crossing the Shaky Bridge, 06/2016, view details