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Rural Health Information Hub

St. Luke's Miners Hospital Diabetes Outreach Program

  • Project Title: My Health, My Community – St. Luke's Miners Memorial Hospital Community Outreach Partnership
  • Grant Period: 05/01/2009-04/30/2012
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Micah Gursky, Rural Health Clinic Administrator
  • Location: Coaldale, PA
  • Program Overview: St. Luke's Miners Memorial Hospital, in partnership with the Tamaqua Area Community Partnership and Lehigh Carbon Community College, created the My Health, My Community Program to provide community outreach and case management to rural Appalachian Region community members. This program uses nurse practitioners, ADA-certified nurse educators and dietitians to focus on diabetes awareness, education, and management in the clinic and community setting as well as outreach and education related to obesity and diabetes prevention and treatment.

Models Represented by this program: