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Rural Health Information Hub

Dissemination Audiences

When implementing a rural diabetes program, it is important to share information and resources about the program with different audiences. This may include information on program successes and results, based on program evaluation findings, and resources or materials developed to support program activities and services. Sharing information broadly can help others learn what works, build and maintain program relationships, increase credibility, and increase community support for the program.

Potential audiences may be within and outside of the organization implementing the program. Program partners often play a key role in disseminating program information. Audiences to consider for dissemination of rural diabetes program information include:

  • Program participants and patients
  • Community members who may be at risk of diabetes
  • Patients' parents, guardians, other family members, and friends
  • Program staff
  • Partner organizations
  • Program funders
  • Healthcare providers and referring agencies
  • Pharmacists
  • Local and state government agencies, such as public health departments
  • Local schools, including superintendents and staff (principals, nurses, teachers, counselors, coaches)
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Researchers and universities
  • Other local and regional organizations