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Rural Health Information Hub

Examples of Rural ACOs

Examples of rural programs that are implementing ACOs are provided below.

  • Essentia Health: Headquartered in Duluth, Minnesota, Essentia Health became an accredited ACO by NCQA in 2013. The ACO is comprised of 15 hospitals, 75 clinics, 7 long-term care facilities, 2 assisted living facilities, 4 independent living facilities, 5 ambulatory services, and 1 research institute. Essentia Health serves rural patients in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Idaho.
  • North Country ACO: Located in Littleton, New Hampshire, North Country ACO is comprised of four community health centers serving patients throughout rural New Hampshire. All of the ACO participants are part of the North Country Health Consortium.

Additional examples of rural ACO programs are available in Module 7: Program Clearinghouse.