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Linkage to HIV Medical Care

Once an HIV diagnosis is confirmed, an individual needs to be referred to an HIV healthcare provider. Efforts to connect newly diagnosed people to care can include both care coordination and patient navigation programs that serve as a link between testing and receiving care.

Regular HIV care allows for clinical monitoring, which can enable HIV-positive individuals to live longer, healthier lives. In addition, when persons living with HIV are connected to care, their healthcare provider can help educate them on how to prevent passing the virus to others.

For more information about models for connecting people to quality HIV care in rural communities, see Models to Improve Access to Care in Module 2.

Resources to Learn More

Linkage to HIV Care
Demonstrates the importance of linkage to care as a key component in HIV treatment. Discusses the major barriers to successful linkage to HIV care and explores strategies for improvement. Module one lesson five of a Screening and Diagnosis Course.
Author(s): Dombrowski, J.
Organization(s): National HIV Curriculum
Date: 8/2020