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Rural Health Information Hub

Dissemination Methods

Once the dissemination objective and the audience are identified, there are a variety of ways to share the content. Common methods of dissemination include:

Meetings and conferences


  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual reports
  • Newsletters
  • Fact sheets, posters, and flyers
  • Project/evaluation manuals so that other communities can replicate the program
  • Communication plans
  • Manuscripts


Resources to Learn More

Let's Stop HIV Together
Resource library from the CDC's Let's Stop HIV Together campaign for different priority populations and the general public, including materials for partner organizations and other audiences that address HIV testing, prevention, treatment, and stigma reduction.
Organization(s): Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Making Sure Research Is Used: Community-Generated Recommendations for Disseminating Research
Outlines important considerations for disseminating HIV/AIDS specific research, and also describes the dissemination process developed by the Community Advisory Board.
Author(s): Fernández-Peña, J., Moore, L., Goldstein, E., et al.
Citation: Progress in Community Health Partnerships, 2(2), 171-176
Date: 2008

Confronting the Challenges of HIV/AIDS Information Dissemination: Report of the One-day HIV/AIDS Information Summit
A report summarizing the findings from a summit held on HIV/AIDS dissemination topics. A number of recommendations of best practices were introduced, along with other ideas that show promising results for enhancing HIV/AIDS information dissemination.
Author(s): Carr, A.
Citation: Journal of the Medical Library Association, 92(2), 273-275
Date: 4/2004

Dissemination of Rural Health Research: A Toolkit
Guide detailing the dissemination process of rural health research to relevant outlets. Includes general guidelines and samples of policy briefs, fact sheets, and other formats.
Author(s): Schroeder, S. & Bauman, S.
Organization(s): Rural Health Research Gateway
Date: 2019