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Module 5: Evaluation Considerations for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment Programs

Evaluation is a useful tool that can help demonstrate whether an HIV/AIDS prevention or treatment program is achieving its goals. The goals of HIV/AIDS evaluations may include:

  • Monitoring the performance of an HIV/AIDS program
  • Evaluating the impact of an HIV/AIDS prevention program, including activities such as counseling, testing, and referral services; health education activities; and harm reduction activities
  • Studying the cost-effectiveness of an HIV/AIDS program

Evaluations can also identify aspects of the program that are working better than others, diagnose problems, and help programs plan for the future. This module discusses considerations for program evaluation and suggests ways that rural communities and care providers can conduct an evaluation of their HIV/AIDS program.

For a detailed overview of program evaluation, see Evaluating Rural Programs in the Rural Community Health Toolkit.

In this module: