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Patient-Centered Strategies

When working with people living with HIV/AIDS, patient-centered strategies are vital to creating a safe, welcoming environment. Patient-centered practices include:

  • Tailoring messages to the patient
  • Focusing on the patient's strengths for positive encouragement
  • Educating the patient on his/her health and the skills needed to participate in his/her care
  • Ensuring strategies are culturally appropriate (e.g. use easy-to-understand language, respect differences in spiritual beliefs and traditions, and provide translation services)

Resources to Learn More

Retention in HIV Care: A Clinician's Guide to Patient-Centered Strategies
A guide describing how providers can incorporate patient-centered strategies in their services. Specifically aimed at improving patient retention and adherence and quality of care. Also includes tools and additional resources on the topic.
Author(s): Corwin, M.A., & Bradley-Springer, L.
Organization(s): Mountain Plains AETC
Date: 11/2013